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Unhappy no snuggles for mommy and daddy???

We got our Basset Monroe about 5 months ago from a foster care. Little was known about where he was coming from, but from day one he has been a joy and such love. Well behaved and house trained - we only had to deal with counter surfing (a word I have NEVER encountered before!). Lately his behavior changes as soon as we (my boyfriend and I) are getting closer - and by all means I am talking about: Sitting on the couch, trying to snuggle up. Monroe starts growling and trying to bite - Monroe gets more offensive towards me then my boyfriend. We figure it is a dominance thing?! Monroe is close to three (estimated) and is acting up lately. In the beginning he has been sitting with us. Now whenever we get close, he gets aggressive.

I am thankful for any ideas, suggestions and methods to turn him around in that matter.
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