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Originally Posted by Mikey T View Post
if the older dog is anthing close to well adjusted ther is not a problem with puppies because puppies are given large lattitude to act obnoxious ie like puppies by adult dogs. It is called puppy license as the puppy mature that license it revoke.

see The Puppy License and its loss

Puppy license and adult behavior–STOP SEPARATING PLAY.

When introducing two new dogs it is best done on nuetral territory. That is the first meat should be a dog park etc that is not the home of either dog.
I completely agree! This was one of the best pieces of advice I ever received when I adopted Millie.

I already had a 3 year old Basset at home, and was looking to bring home a second. I found Millie, a 13 week old, and had Lucy and Millie meet on neutral territory. They rode home together, but separated. Once we got home, we played in a local park before making the big transition into the home. All of this I knew before hand, there were plenty of materials on the internet.

The best advice I received was from the rescue where I adopted Millie. The lady told me to expect Lucy to tolerate Millie's antics for a while, but that once she has had enough, Lucy would put Millie in her place. I'm so glad she gave me that information, and websites with information similar to what Mikey posted. It gave me a wealth of information, and so when Millie hit that moment where Lucy had enough, I didn't even think twice when Lucy put Millie in her place.

I've always said that Lucy helped me raise Millie.
Lucy - Age 6?
Millie - Age 2
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