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oh my look at all the food talk. That is making me hungry! ANd jeez i guess i really did luck out on BOwser! He won't eat shoes, hates socks, won't swallow the dryer sheets, but will mangle walls or glass here for this pup. There was a bluetooth that went the way of the chomp...once, and it still worked, and then i misplaced it again and i did not survive the second chomp...some earphones...he's gnawed on both of our xbox controllers (not too damaged) my computer mouse (again only a little bit of teeth marks *lol*) he finally got off the electronics stage, and now only goes for paper trash, and chapstick on a regular basis. He loves bottles though. Especially PILL bottles =O we have to be very careful, he'll snatch them up in a half-second. Though if the garbage is left down, or if i hand-towel is left on the refrigerator'd better believe there will be trash all over, and the door will be open and all the cheese will be gone!
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